Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “What a great experience!” says seller client who hired us to sell a home with a Discount Realtor

Here’s a review from one of our clients who hired us to sell a home in Matthews, NC with our low commission real estate agent program….

"What a great experience! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first about the whole "team" process used by Don Anthony Realty to sell our home. You don’t just deal with one realtor like traditional methods. Rather, there is a team approach where one subject matter expert handles the listing, one handles the negotiations after you get an offer and one handles the closing. It worked to perfection and they all worked seamlessly together. Very innovative. And it’s not like you can’t ever go back to speak with the listing expert after you’ve been handed off to the next expert in negotiations, etc..

The team relies a LOT on emails which is a good thing because everything is in writing and documented and each and every member of the team can see your emails if you have a question or comment. But that doesn’t mean you can never speak directly with the team. You can and we did. A lot!

We had sold our own homes in the past, just paying a fee to have our homes listed in the MLS. We did the showings ourselves and then paid an attorney to close the deal. But when I saw that Don Anthony only charges 1-1.5% commission for their services, I knew it was a no brainer. And boy are we glad we did because our sale was touch and go for a while with unexpected complications inadvertently caused by the buyers. We would NEVER have had the skills and expertise to wade through the legalities and regulations that we ended up going through. Our team guided us through an intense negotiation process that ultimately led to settlement. And we were going to list the property at a lower price than what our team suggested and we would have left money on the table, netting us even bigger net proceeds than had we done this all ourselves as we had always done.

In our case, we provided the buyer’s agent with 2.5% commission so in total, we only paid out 3.5% in commissions, saving ourselves over $38,000! We keep asking ourselves why would ANYONE want to pay 6-7% commissions, as many of the big box agencies charge?

So what’s the catch you ask? There is no catch! You get the SAME EXACT service as traditional brick and mortar realty agencies. Professional pictures taken, listing in the MLS and a ton of other realty sites online, showings (we didn’t need showings because we sold the home within 40 hours after the listing went out), etc. We just can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable our team was and we are extremely happy with the whole experience."

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