Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “The Best!” says seller who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte NC with a low fee, discount Realtor

Here’s a review from a seller client who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte, NC with a low commission and our discount Realtor program…

"Don Anthony’s team at C-A-RE Realty is the best! If there was a rating higher than 10/10 we’d definitely give them this. They’re very communicative, accessible, transparent and it’s true that they treat you like family… not just with the amount that they charge their fees but also with how they help you throughout the process of selling and buying a home. We sold our house with them and was going to buy too, but we figured we weren’t ready to buy so we just sold with them and let me tell you, it was very easy to understand and accomplish through the end, despite it being our first time. They always answered our questions regardless or how much we asked, and we asked a lot. We were selling our home for our daughter’s efforts to move to a different school district and also to pay her medical debt, and because of these wonderful people, we were able to save money and get as much as possible from our profit so that we can take care of our financial needs to the best possible extent. Even our closing attorney was surprised that we found a realtor that charged as discounted as Don Anthony’s team did, he said it was his first time seeing this and we were fortunate. Again, thanks so much, Don, Dave, Betsy, Delores, Carrie and Holly! -Anja, Dan & Leira."

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