Don Anthony Group Reviews: Jumping for Joy after using this discount realtor service

tupa713nixo%40post.wordpress.comIt’s so great to get good reviews, and we’ve been fortunate to get many, many over the years. However, it’s not often that a client is so happy about our services that we get a picture of them literally leaping for joy because of it! 😊

Here’s a review we just received from our clients who used our discount realtor services to sell a home in the Charlotte NC region with our low commission, flat fee mls programs….

Don, We would just like to say thank you to you and your team for all the work that was put in to helping us sell our home. It was a difficult road at no fault from you or us but circumstances of buyers made it that way. However I want to especially thank Betsy for answering all our questions and keeping me (especially) assured, giving guidance, suggestions, and having our best interest at heart. She did in our opinion an awesome job and was knowledgeable about what was going on many times more so than the buyers agent. So we hope you know how valuable she is to your team. Then there is Delores who also was excellent at keeping us informed and stayed on top of things to try and get this done. She really went the extra mile and we’re grateful to her for that. We know sometimes you may only hear when someone is unhappy so we just wanted you to know that we’re extremely satisfied with your service and wanted to give credit where it was due. I’m sure there were others also but they were the 2 main ones that we talked to. The process was actually simple on our part and we will be recommending you to anyone we know who is looking to sell.
We wish you and your company all the best especially in these uncertain times. Be sure to tell Betsy and Delores thank you so much on our behalf and we pray that you are richly blessed.
With Gratitude,
Jason and Miriam Boger

I attached a picture we took that shows how we feel.

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