Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “Best service I have ever received” says client who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte NC with our discount realtor program

It’s always great to hear such positive reviews from our clients. Here’s an email we received recently from a client of ours who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte NC using our discount realtor programs where we use a flat fee mls listing or a low real estate commission coupled with superior marketing and excellent customer service to sell a home. Here’s what our client said after closing….

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Philip C
Subject: My closing today


My closing today was completed without a hitch.

I have to tell you that I do not give praises very easily. As an airline pilot most of my years I set the bar very high as to my practices and expectations in general.

I have been so impressed in my dealings with your team that they are to be directly credited with the reasons why I will continue to do business with your firm. Their responsiveness to my questions and proactive involvement with my property sale made me feel as though I was perhaps their only customer. That was the level of attentiveness I received.

Congratulations on finding such dedicated agents. Best service I have ever received

Philip C

(edited to protect confidentiality)

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