Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “Thanks again to Don’s team” says client who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte NC with our discount realtor program

tupa713nixo%40post.wordpress.comOne of our clients who hired us to sell a home in Charlotte NC with our discount realtor program to save thousands with our low real estate commission, flat fee mls listing model had the following to say about us….

"Leigh Anne, has proven to be an excellent professional provider, demonstrating compassion and outstanding representation for Don Anthony Realty. Using superior skills and experience, she tackles her work relentlessly until she has achieved the much needed results. Leigh Anne is patient and considerate when facing diversity and unfortunate events. She is is extremely talented and knowledgeable about the real estate business….

Thanks again to Don’s team who worked diligently to establish all completed signed documents for the contract….I will certainly be glad to refer my friends and relatives to Don Anthony Realty. It is an honor to refer persons who want to save money from paying high commission cost when they can save money and time by using Don’s proven business model for all your real estate needs…. Thanks Don in advance and best wishes."

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