Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “Your wonderful people were beside us all the way” says client who hired us to sell a condo in Charlotte NC

tupa713nixo%40post.wordpress.comI received this nice note from one of our clients who hired us to sell a condo in Charlotte NC. So happy to hear they had such a great experience with our discount realtor company selling their condo and saving them thousands with our low real estate commission, flat fee mls listing service. Here’s her note….


Thank you for giving us the best people to help us sell our condo. I know you hear it all the time from aging clients but it took a lot of energy to make the move to Utah and along with it the very stressful moments of getting the condo sold. But your wonderful people were beside us all the way with support and encouragement! And after the sale, you even referred a realtor to us. Thank you for that, too. [My husband] has been handling the house search and that keeps him occupied so thatI can do other things that go along with moving to another state.

In the meantime we are enjoying the moments with our little granddaughter. I know we will find a place soon and it will feel nice to be independent once again. I will let you know should any of friends [in Charlotte] consider selling or buying. Thank you for being so patient with [my husband] whenever he had different views. Fortunately, our realtor is the kind of person you would hire for your team!

Veronica S"

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