How we helped Daniel sell his home by offering support when dealing with a difficult buyer

The results were positive throughout. I was very satisfied, extremely satisfied. I give them a 10 on a scale 1 out of 10, 10 being the highest. I would recommend them to anybody because there was nothing discount about a discount broker. There was nothing discount about Don Anthony and his staff. I was so happy because when I needed a little hand holding, I don’t like to admit it. It can bring a lot of anxiety sometimes when selling a home. You have to have some people who can understand what it is that you’re going through. We had a horrible experience with the buyer. It was just a nightmare. Don Anthony and his team were very supportive, extremely supportive. That saw us through. It got us through the experience. It’s difficult sometimes to sell a house.

Both Don and the broker who assisted us, Leanne, I can’t say enough good about her. When needed, they contacted the buyer’s broker on our behalf when the buyer was trying to pull all these fast ones on us. I won’t go into the details because we don’t have time for that, but it was pretty amazing. It was pretty gross what this buyer was trying to do. They advocated, both Leanne and Don Anthony were very good advocates and they made the deal happen. It almost unraveled at the last minute after this guy had the place appraised just at the last minute. He said he didn’t agree with his appraisal. He wanted to buy the house for $30,000 less after we spent $10,000 to make the changes he wanted. He pulled that on us, and that would’ve been a $40,000 loss to us at the time. We had already committed to purchasing another house. Nobody does that. But Don Anthony and Leanne helped us through all of that. Don Anthony and Leanne were the best to work with. They were always there when we needed them.

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