Don Anthony Realty Reviews: “Responsive”, “Dedicated”, “Respectful”, “Experts” is how seller describes Don Anthony Realty

Don Anthony Realty Reviews: "Responsive", "Dedicated", "Respectful", "Experts" is how seller describes Don Anthony Realty

Here’s a nice review we received from a client who hired us to sell a home in Salisbury, NC which is northeast of Charlotte NC. He used our discount realtor program where he paid us a very small flat fee for an MLS listing as well as other fantastic advertising and then a very low real estate commission when the home sold….

"I would like to recommend Don Anthony realty as a very conscientious and hard-working group of dedicated and sincere people. They helped us sell our house and we did save a bundle of money in realtor fees from their end, using their program which is designed for that purpose. It paid off for us.

They were always very responsive and very good about getting back to us about questions and changes that we wanted to make in the MLS listings and picture changes (which they did for free) and even working with Zillow which can be frustrating to get anything done .
I thought they were very respectful of my price decisions and not pushy to do things quickly, and their resources were truly impressive with our listing being published extensively through, Zillow, Trulia and others as well as with the MLS in two counties. Also with their using the "showing time service" it made it very convenient to have things done .
Real estate is a very challenging and many times not always an easy process and even a bit overwhelming. As a seller especially I found this to be true. But I decided to hang in there with this company and things worked out very well in the end.
If you are selling your house as "for sale by owner"and do not have a lot of experience in real estate, this is a very good compromise on realtor fees as you get many services that you would never get without paying for them otherwise. Having people who are experts in their field will save you a lot of trouble and probably frustration.
This type of realtor may not be for everybody, as there is not a lot of "hand holding " in this process. But chances are you may not get that from the other type of realty company either.
One thing is very significant and true about this company, is that I do trust these people to be sincere and they are not just out for a quick turnaround on your house so they can get their fee. Trust is a very important factor.
So to sum up everything, I highly recommend Don Anthony Realty; they have earned my recommendation!" – Tom H

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