Don Anthony Realty Client Cancels Listing – Realtor Review

Don Anthony Realty Client Cancels Listing – Realtor Review

Sometimes if you are working to sell a home, whether with a Discount Realtor, For Sale By Owner, or with a traditional agent who does not charge a very low commission, situations may come up where you need to cancel your listing. Unlike other agents, Don Anthony Realty allows you to cancel your listing at any time since we know that life situations may come up where it is no longer to your benefit to sell a home. When this happens, we have no problem with our clients cancelling their MLS Listing Agreement and they are free to come back at any time at no charge.

See below from one of our clients…..


– Don

Owner / Broker

Don Anthony Realty

I just wanted to let you know that we had some very unexpected news today. My husband was informed that his company has lost a major contract. While we are VERY fortunate that this will not affect his employment, it will mean that he will be traveling much less and will be in the home office most of the time. Because of this, we have submitted paperwork to cancel our listing. I do assume we will list with you at some point in the future when [my husband’s] work situation again requires travel and we no longer need the house.

I do want to say that we have been VERY impressed with the professionalism at your office. Since we have relocated multiple times, we have worked with many "full service" realtors through our relocation companies. Although we have generally had positive experiences, this experience has been equal to any of those. While everyone has been very professional, you have surpassed expectations with your excellent communication on every issue that has presented itself. We do want to thank you for your time and effort. Please know that Don Anthony will be the only realtor to have our business in the future and we will certainly recommend your company to anyone who will listen!!!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy a very blessed holiday season. We will be in touch in the future.

Thank you,

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