Don Anthony Realty is Responsive

Fyi…. Here’s part of an email I received late last night from a prospective seller who is trying to sell a home by owner in Mooresville NC who has been talking with other Realtors for a few years now trying to get his home sold.  He is still going to keep trying to sell his home for sale by owner (FSBO) in the Charlotte NC region, but I thought his comment to me about what I do vs his experience with other agents was worth noting….

From: Gene
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:04 PM
To: ~ Don Anthony ~
Subject: RE: Thank you for your phone call



One of the reasons you are successful is related to Constant Client Contact at a level of responsiveness that can not be and is not  matched within the 4 county Lake Norman area by any realtor I know.  You have maintained this for the 3 years I have been aware of you.

I fully understand what you have expressed.

I can say that 15 out of 200 responded with a thank you “will keep your property in mind”. 3 responded asking me what type of property I was looking for. One respnded that my “approach” was questionable.  Most of the “teams” are asleep.

Asleep, ignorant, unresponsive, or mean does not matter.  Any one can present an offer good, bad or ugly.

If they “get lucky” they might bump into a buyer.



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