Don Anthony Realty Review – New Client Testimonial

New Client testimonial.wav

Don Anthony Realty Review – New Client Testimonial


A new client of ours called and emailed earlier today to ask a question and to let us know how happy she was with our services, so we thought we’d share.  She was previously a For Sale By Owner seller trying to sell a home by owner when she found out about our services…


(last name and portions of the email and voicemail removed for privacy purposes)


From: Diane
Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 12:32 PM
To: Don Anthony Realty
Subject: Re: Your MLS listing is complete

Good Morning Don Anthony Realty and Associates!
My husband and I are totally pleased with the photos that our listing agent captured with her professional experience for our listing!  When we first looked at the work she did, our first impression was ‘Wow!   She did a FANTASTIC job!’  Please let her know how pleased we are for her efforts! Thank you for a great job!
Thank You!


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